• 2016 Design Trends Roundup

    2016 Web Trends Roundup

    The idea that trends in clothing and lifestyle are switched up on a regular basis is not news to most of us, what’s ‘hot’ is an ever changing concept that no one can ever pin down. But this is even more relevant in web design, where it’s imperative to keep tabs on changing trends if

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  • 30 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

    30 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

    You spent hours researching, finding graphics, writing and uploading your blog posts, but your work isn’t done yet. To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can. Below are 30 ways you can promote each blog post, most of which are free. You can print

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    Why Good Sleep Matters In The Workspace

    A healthy amount of sleep is required to reach higher productivity levels. And, though this is a very important point, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough rest according to CDC. Given the statistics; it’s no question that sleep affects workplace performance and productivity, especially in the UAE where most business hours stretch on late

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    10 Practical Tips About Responsive Web Design

    We all know that trends come and go throughout the years, especially in the ever-changing world of web design. Responsive web design was one of the hottest trends in 2013. And though many thought of it as a ‘passing fad’ at the time, responsive design has quickly become widespread. This was due in part to

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    How to Craft The Ultimate Blog Post

    Blogging is on the rise, with more than 41.6 million new posts being published every month on WordPress alone. Blogging is said to be an easy and foolproof way to increasing the profits of your business. Studies show that small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads! But with millions of people taking to blogging,

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  • Who_Rules_Domains_Infographic-768x5175

    Infographic: Who Rules This Domain

    We come across many insightful infographics everyday and it’s a tough deciding which one to write about next. This week, we decided to go with this informative piece because it covers a topic that many website and online business owners need to know about: domain names. Now, we realize, that for those who are new

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  • dubai-infographic

    Dubai – Dream Destination

    Dubai is often perceived as the dream destination for both holidays and long term residence. The emirate is at the forefront of tourism and is visited by millions of people around the world.  And although it’s a center of cultural diversity, its own culture is still different. The following infographic is aimed mainly for British

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