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    New Website For Sharjah Group

    The Ummah Design Team have successfully completed yet another project, this time for Sharjahgroup.ae Sharjah Group Company is a Public Share Holding Co; established in 1976 with the aim of actively participating in investment in Real estate, Financial Instruments and Leasing of Rental Properties. The company continues to successfully implement its strategic vision by evaluating the

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  • Elevators Dubai,lifts,UAE,Installation,manufacturer

    New Website For Atlas Elevators Dubai

    Today we are happy to announce the completion of another project for Atlaselevators.org. They are based in Dubai and are a manufacturers and installers of high quality elevators. They have factories all around the world enabling them to provide a vast collection of elevators according to their client’s needs. Atlaselevators.org have suitable solutions for villas

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    UAE, Look Out For Thati.ae!

    We are happy to announce and promote the new website for Thati.ae. They are a Semi Government Organization offering the local Emiratis a Management Development Program which gives you all you need to build your leadership and Management skills.  The program was specially designed to offer the skills needed to get ahead in Sharjah organizations. So if

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    UAE Horses, Auction And Market Website

    The Ummah Design Team are delighted to be announcing our recent completion of this amazing Arabic Horses website! Uaehorses.ae is a website dedicated to everything related to UAE Horses, it offers it’s visitors an opportunity to purchase healthy sought after horses through their auction, to order and pay for horse food, medicine and caring equipment available

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  • 2016 Design Trends Roundup

    2016 Web Trends Roundup

    The idea that trends in clothing and lifestyle are switched up on a regular basis is not news to most of us, what’s ‘hot’ is an ever changing concept that no one can ever pin down. But this is even more relevant in web design, where it’s imperative to keep tabs on changing trends if

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    Dubai Architecture For Design Inspiration

    This list of stunning architecture is a great insight to how Dubai can inspire a designers eye. Not only that, but it’s worth visiting each site to truly grasp it’s work of art. People are now coming from all over the world to embrace it’s originality, creativity and modernity in architecture and design. Dubai architecture

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  • alfarestents.com

    Al Fares International Tents: Website Launch

    Al Fares International Tents is owned by Mr. Fares Hussein Albaddad. By providing the finest products to their valued clients they exceeded their expectations locally and internationally through the availability of custom made tents, which satisfy many different desires and needs, allowing them to become part of special occasions and making them achievable, and rising

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