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The Ummah Design Team are delighted to be announcing our recent completion of this amazing Arabic Horses website! is a website dedicated to everything related to UAE Horses, it offers it’s visitors an opportunity to purchase healthy sought after horses through their auction, to order and pay for horse food, medicine and caring equipment available in their market section, as well as a horse racing schedule and classified adds option!

It was exciting to develop such an interesting project from scratch, we come to learn much about horses, in addition to developing much more respect for the work and care that is put into looking after them with love and compassion. We provided an exclusively unique control management system for that brought together all their services and information into a professional, organized and well maintained system for their team to handle. The beautiful design, easy navigating layout and simplicity makes it the more attractive an returnable by the users for it’s easy approach.


We hope that you can give the website a visit and let us know your comments!

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