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2 Ways To Write Blog Posts That Are A Cut Above

You most likely already get the gist of writing a good blog post, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while. But quality content, beautiful images and thorough SEO are only parts of the equation. There’s still a lot more to be learnt about formulating content that’s good enough to knock your readers off their feet. And sometimes, the pressure to just write can seem a little bit daunting.
 2 Ways To Write Blog Posts That Are A Cut Above
But fear not! We’ve come straight to your rescue and complied a mini list of sorts, solely for you and your blog. All you really need to do for your readers to love you is to go the extra mile for them. We’re trying to implement these points on our own blog too but let us tell you this; it’ll never happen over night. But the chances of gaining a large reader ship go hand in hand with the amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

1. Make sure your blog has a clear point / topic

Someone we know wanted to launch their own blog . When we asked them what it would be about, they shrugged and said:  Oh, you know. Just baking, books and the stuff I like. Now, it’s great that they’ve got a clear idea as to what they want to write about. But there’s still a certain clarity missing there that could lead her to missing out on so many perks (mainly readers!).
And really, it also depends on how they write their posts. If they write about their hobbies in a way that relates and helps other people, there’s no doubt of their blog becoming a hit. There’s nothing wrong with writing about your life. But there’s a limit to how many ‘me‘ posts you can write before your readership starts to slowly decline.
Take this into consideration when you write. Make sure to address a clear point in your posts and try to be as specific as possible.

2. Upgrade your content

Can you think back to your most popular blog post? Well, now’s the time to polish it up with a new update or two. Updating posts is really fun and rewarding. You can add all sorts of extras to them, then advertise via your social media accounts or through your mail list. It’s even better if you can make a small freebie to go along with the update. Say you had a post on accomplishing your goals – that’s a very vague example, we confess – and you wanted to update it. You could design a quick checklist then offer it as a PDF freebie.

Those are only two points, there are a lot of other options so we recommend that you choose to do something that you’re confident in.

What do you use to boost your blog readership? Do you have any more tips to add?

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