The current COVID19 pandemic is making us question everything we do both as individuals and for business. However, regardless of how bad it is, we as businesses always need to fight to survive. Business owners should continue to promote their business on social media as normal. Social media marketing is like having an online salesman 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Firing your salesman and still expecting to grow your revenue would be ridiculous.

Except for businesses in F&B, Travel & Hospitality Industries, all other businesses are still operating normally. As long as that’s the case, you’re missing out on opportunities if you’re not promoting your business on social media.

In these sensitive and anxious times, try to evaluate what you are offering to your customers. It would be very wise to keep in mind the likely current emotional and mental state of most of your audience.  Many small business owners are feeling immense fear around their livelihood. And, on a personal level, many people are in shock and are anxious about their future.

Therefore, you probably want to revisit your social media strategy and ensure that your promotions are as compassionate and empathetic as possible in light of what everybody is going through right now. Perhaps make the content more educational or offer special help if you can afford to or think of generous pricing models, deferred payment plans, or pay-what-you-can-afford options. Every little helps!

To build long-term trust with potential clients so your business can thrive once everything gets back to normal, it’s very important that you don’t simply give up on everything and instead hold the course. You can also use this time to shift from direct selling to content marketing that is useful to your prospects because people are watching more videos, reading more content and listening more too.

Analyze what you can bring to your audience and figure out how your message can rise above the noise. Connect with your audience and offer them value, consistency and hope, think of ways to give back to the community by providing information of value to people via social media. Continue to provide value, no matter what.