Choose A Good Domain Name For Your UAE Business- Infographic

Hey there UAE,

Today’s post is one we’ve been promising our Dubai clients for some time now! We appoligise for the delay;

So, we now present you with a bite sized, easy to understand infographic that includes some easy but valuable steps that one should take or consider when burdened with the duty to provide a suitable domain name for a business, company,organization or service.

We understand that in the UAE where many businesses are titled with Arabic as well as English key words, using the right key words can be a tricky task but crucial for successful SEO. By the end of 2012, the Internet held nearly a quarter of a billion registered domain names, many of which did their owners no particular favours, so there’s no denying choosing the right domain name is a critical part of defining your business online. For example “” may be an accurate representation of your business and your brand, it is very heavy mental furniture when stacked up against something like “” and you want to keep things light and lively for your potential customers when they are searching the internet or typing in the address bar.

We hope that this helps our clients and elaborates further on the importance of choosing the right, and most rewarding domain name a bit more from our usual rushed, on the spot explanations 😉



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    • Aziza -  27/05/2014 - 10:33 am

      Thank you Carmon


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