How UAE Businesses can Promote Their Website For Free


So you’ve got your website sorted for your business and it’s a big achievement, but it doesn’t stop there!

Now you need to drive the traffic into your website by promoting it on different places, mainly on the Internet. Today we will look at some free places to promote your Website online without spending a single penny. So let’s get started:

Free Web Directories

Some people or even Google have placed less emphasis on web directories as a linking tactic but  they are a good place to start with and I would still recommend them to everyone.

Start a Blog

A blog improves your website link popularity and can drive huge traffic into your website. Once you set up your blog, you can submit your blog in 100′s of blog directories and other places that are dedicated just for blogs. There are countless benefits of running your own blog. I hope to dedicate a series of posts regarding this topic some other time.

If you currently don’t have a blog, here are the websites of some of the major blog providers (please note that the sites below do not require hosting and most importantly – are FREE!):

Once you have set up your blog and added quite a few posts there, Top Rank’s Online marketing Blog publishes a great up to date list of Blog Directories you can submit to. Be sure to search the web for relevant, related and popular sites and their blogs and leave comments of benefit, this will link your blog’s link with their page allowing their readers and visitors to view your comment, notice your existence and possibly even visit your site through that link.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful! If you have any comments we would be delighted if you cared to share them with us.

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