Three Ways to Boost Focus While Working

Blog post - Three Ways to Boost Focus

In this time of constant distractions in the form of endless notifications and lengthy to do lists, it’s easy to feel a little lost and out of focus when it comes to gathering your thoughts and cracking on with important work. 

Prioritize tasks

You can improve your focus by tackling the big jobs on your to d list first and leaving the small stuff till later. Make a list of what tasks are the most important. Your “A List” might include anything with a deadline of today or tomorrow. The “B List” would consist of projects needing to be completed next week, while the “C List” catches loose ends like checking your email.

Break it into bite-size chunks

If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, this may well be because you’re taking on too much at one time. If you’re anxious about needing to write something before the end of the week, break it down so that you feel more focused. Set realistic goals one day at a time or even one hour at a time.

Set a timer

Setting a timer to go off at certain intervals can help bring a wandering mind back to the task at hand. Have it go off as a cue to ask, ‘Is what I’m doing right now one of my important A-List items? Am I on task?

If you’re off task, this is a reminder to get back to what you were doing. You can also use a timer to try to gradually extend your attention span, from 10 minutes one week to 12 the next and 14 the next.

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