UAE History: The UAE Then And UAE Now

Today we would like to share this amazing short documentary we came across on Youtube about how UAE was before and how it is now, is a fantastic summary of the great United Arab Emirates history to it’s modern day phenomenon.

For two and a half millennia the Gulf coast has been a crossroads of the world. From the Persian Royal Road to the Han Dynasty’s Silk Road, from the trading posts of the 19th century to the hyper modernity of today’s UAE, people have always converged here. They come to do business but also to share ideas, experience and inspiration.

It is strange to imagine that 20 years ago Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main thoroughfare, was mostly sand. Now it is one of the world’s most modern urban landscapes, linked by multi-lane highways and a state-of-the-art Metro system. Indeed in four decades the country’s soft and hard infrastructure have developed to such an extent that the UAE today might be one of the most hyper-connected places on the planet, where more than 200 different nationalities mingle daily.

A city of Arabia, Dubai is also a city of the world. With the UAE’s increasingly pivotal role in the global economy, we know our continued progress depends on interaction and cooperation between individuals worldwide. This interconnectedness lies at the heart of who we are and what we do. Our passion for bringing people together drives our desire to bring the World Expo for the first time to the region and to the UAE.

Source: Expo2020 Dubai UAE

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