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Website Makeover For ASCO Groups

ASCO Groups has three different companies under its wing: Al Akeel, Al Shorouq and Asit. All of them manage different divisions and come together to offer their services to their partners and clients. Their aim is an enduring mission to please their customers. They consider their projects as an opportunity for creation and excellence. Each project, whether it is big or small is considered as permanent partnership between their clients and them.

At the beginning of 1991, events were erupting in the Gulf following the Iraqi Invasion to the State of Kuwait. And as such, the company faced and endured difficulty after difficulty due to the events that led up to the unrest. But with team work and perseverance, the company recovered back to it’s original strength.

Since then, they faced a number of successes and expanded their business further. Starting from 2010, the company decided to give greater opportunity to the youth to benefit from their science, enthusiasm and to integrate them within the company.

Taking that into consideration, we provided them with the necessary services to make their businesses stand out from the crowd.  By offering them our custom made content management system, we aided in setting up their website. We offered them our professional redesign services and transformed their web space, providing them with a sleek and modern responsive website to better accommodate their needs.

Here is the finished outcome:


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