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SSL Certificates for your UAE Business!

Our SSL certificate is a very fast & affordable way to encrypt your website. Backed by the biggest Certificate Authority in the world, Comodo, this SSL certificate features encryption strength of up to 256-bit99.9% browser ubiquity and can be issued very quickly.

This is an entry-level SSL certificate, and will activate the bare-minimum security indicators (HTTPS & padlock) in any browser to show that your site is simply using standard encryption. This no-frills certificate is perfect for blogs and standard websites, since this is a domain validation (DV) cert, we’ll only need to verify your domain ownership by using one of the automated domain verification processes.

Encryption Strength

The SSL certificate features industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit signature key.

Secure Sign on Browser

With our SSL Certificate you will get a green SECURE and HTTPS sign on browser which will make your customers feel confident and secure when they are on your website.  For example:

Fast and Easy Validation

This SSL Certificate is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, meaning it can be issued within minutes using automated domain validation system. As long as you own or are in control of the domain, you can get this cert almost instantly!

Browser Compatibility

With 99.9% web and mobile compatibility, the certificate works on just about any browser.

Increased Trust

People trust websites with SECURE or HTTPS sign more than the normal websites. Besides, users of Chrome browsers will see websites as insecure if the websites don’t have any SSL installed.

Improved SEO

Websites with SSL enjoy better ranking in Google search than the ones without SSL. So if you are serious about your search engine optimization (SEO) and your Google ranking then you should get SSL today.

Free Secure Trust Logo On Your Website

With every SSL Certificate you will earn Secure Trust Logo and if you prefer we will add it on your website.

Free Installation (worth 200 AED)

Once you purchase your SSL you should know how to install it. If you are hosting with Ummah Design already, our technical team will install the SSL for you for free! Usually the installation costs no less than 200AED.

SSL Certificate Price

Usual Price: 900.00AED/Year
Sale Price: 500.00AED/Year

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