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Website Maintenance Dubai

We provide website maintenance services for UAE businesses (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc). Our monthly website maintenance packages include the following tasks (depending on your needs):

Tasks & Responsibilities Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Updating your website with your own content in regular basis. 2hours/month 10hours/month 20hours/month
Adding the content on the missing sections of your website by creating sub pages. Website Maintenance Dubai Website Maintenance Dubai Yes
Embedding Youtube/Vimeo Videos, if required. Yes Yes Yes
Fixing any errors or bugs found on the website within our capabilities (but not applicable to the third-party applications) Yes Yes Yes
Restore the database from the backup in case of emergency.  Yes Yes Yes
Taking a whole site backup on a weekly basis.   Yes Yes
Automatic daily website database backup.   Yes Yes
Optimizing and resizing the images to be used on the website so they look more professional and load faster.   Yes Yes
Performing small changes and tweaks in regular basis (does not include major changes that involves extra programming).   Yes Yes
Performing anyupgrades (big or small) in regular basis     Yes
Renaming the images to include keywords in order to maximise your search engine visibility.     Yes
TOTAL (per year) Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

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